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India’s leading and trusted pet care brand

We are the manufacturer of veterinary medicines and are providing the quality medicine for pet animals. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers and are ready to fulfill their requirements through innovation & modern technology.

We are guided by our commitment to serve animal life and provide the best medical treatments with advanced therapies for every Pet.

our values

We believe that pets are an integral part of our lives and their health matters to us as much as ours does.

We are committed to your pet's health

We have been dedicated to research and development for many years, so you can trust that our products are the highest quality.

Animal well-being is our priority

We maintain high standards of animal welfare and ensure that all animals used in research are treated humanely throughout their lifetime.

Best quality products for pets

We offer superior value for money, as well as an excellent range of products to suit your pet.

Best quality medicine for pet animals

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Tablets can be used to help treat a variety of conditions in pets & help to ease your pet’s pain.

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Syrups are medication that comes in an easy-to-administer syringe used for the treatment. Get best quality syrup.

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We have a great variety of supplements that can be used to treat these illnesses and conditions.

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Pet Care

Our pet care products are made from high quality ingredients that provide real and long lasting benefits.

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Our Products

Committed to Quality

The Products of Petfarm Global is manufactured in our WHO-GMP certified manufacturing plant.

Clinical Development

Each and every product manufactured with us is well tested as per quality norms and standards of market demands.

Regulatory & Access

Once the quality is assured by our administration team, the medicines are dispatched to the domestic market.

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